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*The Giving Seed Program

The Living Seed Company believes everyone should have access to vital, pure, open-pollinated seed varieties and through The Giving Seed Program, seed donations have been sent to Haiti, India, Africa, Europe, South America and throughout the United States.

Over the past six years, The Giving Seed Program has given away over 7,000 packets of fresh heirloom seeds to school garden programs, inner city youth programs, community gardens, seed libraries, food banks, correctional facilities, veteran programs and others. 

The Giving Seed Program began with a vision to give back to our local, national and global community. 
We kicked it off with donating a collection for every ten collections sold.

  Today, aside from giving away collections, we are also giving away individual packets suited to particular growing regions and community needs. 

The Living Seed Company also gives out Basic Saving Booklets to encourage and support communities saving seeds and adapting them to their bio-regions.

To be included in our donation queue, send an email to