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Organic Green Arrow Pea - Pisum sativum

Organic Green Arrow Pea - Pisum sativum

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Hailing from England, this gourmet pea boasts a sweet taste and tender texture for the palette. Recognized for its bright green color, long and slender pod housing up to an amazing 11 petite peas! Considered a dwarf plant, at just 24” – 34”, this pea has a high yielding capacity, producing abundant 4” – 5” pods. Pods are almost always paired as doubles for easy picking. This superb tasting pea is perfect shelled, fresh, steamed, in stir-fry, canned, frozen or dried for soup peas. The green arrow is widely adapted and known to resist disease, Fusarium wilting and powdery mildew, this hardy pea will produce a fresh steady robust harvest.


Seed Count : 50 Seeds

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