Perfect Flowers To Plant in the Summer

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The Summer Solstice has just passed us by and the peak of summer is here.  Your vegetable garden is beginning to bring beauty and life to your home.   

Did you know that you can still plant flowers, in time to enjoy them, before the cool nights of fall appear? 

Not only will they bring you joy but they will also attract many of our friendly pollinators that our gardens need for all of our veggies to properly pollinate, but they will grace us gardens with their presence!

Don't have a veggie garden?  Don't fret, a small flower patch will still bring color and texture to your window sill, balcony or garden!

Plant these gorgeous flowers and bask in what is to come!

Bachelor Button

A beautiful addition to your garden that will support the honey bees!

Blooms throughout the growing season. Very easy to grow. Edible flowers, great for decorating salads & desserts.

Plains Coreopsis

Coreopsis is a tremendously resilient annual wildflower, native to the United States.  An abundance of blooms, also known as the Golden Wave.

Can grow in moist climates and soil types.  Drought tolerant.  

Aside from being beautiful, they are nectar rich and offer forage for many of our pollinator allies! 


A gorgeous and showy heirloom. A true classic and so easy to grow! Plants can grow 4' - 5' tall with an abundance of flowers.

A native Mexican wildflower loved by birds, butterflies, bees and even Monarchs!


A native of South American and known as the Herb of the Sun, marigolds represent creativity and passion.

Mexican Sunflower

A stunning bushy flower that is not truly a sunflower, none the less exuberant!  Its nature makes it an excellent border or screen, during the growing months.  Known to be drought tolerant and best of all, attracts pollinators to your garden! 

Morning Glory

Morning glory flowers bestow their beauty and die back within one day.  The Victorian significance of morning glory flowers are love, affection or mortality. 


These amazing blooms represent the sun with every flower!  Bringing sunshine to gardens all over, this favorite flower holds up well in the heat, while sharing its beauty late into the season. 


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