Butterfly Flower Seeds

Non-GMO Butterfly Flower Seeds 

We strive to offer a wide range of flowers to bring beauty and pollinators to your garden!  

Butterfly gardening is an art and a science and a beautiful opportunity to learn and observe nature for both children and adults!

Grow plants and flowers that attract and feed bumble bees, honey bees, wild bees and hummingbirds with pollinator seeds. Buy non-GMO seeds, neonicotinoid-free seeds, online from family owned The Living Seed Company.

Our list of seed varieties of flowers and herbs offer both nectar plants with flowers that provide a sugary liquid for adult butterflies as well as host plants that provide the massive amounts of leafy food for rapidly growing caterpillars. Some herbs are both nectar providing as well as host plants.

If you're looking for seeds to attract and nurture your local butterfly populations then you've come to the right place.

Whether you're helping your local monarchs or just want to see the butterflies in your area flutter around a bit more, these seeds can help. 

All of these flowers and herbs also support pollinators and beneficial insect habitats as well!

Flowers that attract butterflies:

Flowers that attract butterfly larvae and/or caterpillars:

But wait! It's incredibly important to know what your native milkweed is--you could be doing more harm with those good intentions.

Feel free to check out our resources page for help determining your native milkweed.