The Living Seed Company  Affiliate Program

A rewarding affiliate program that provides digital influencers and gardening lovers with the opportunity to earn commission each time their readers make a purchase garden seeds at The Living Seed Company.

As a part of the program, members are given access to a seasoned and reputable seed company offering the highest quality heirloom, organic and non-GMO seeds.

Partnering with The Living Seed Company 

We are looking for Gardening, Home Décor, websites and blogs with a high–standard of content and an engaged audience.

What Can I Expect?

  • 5% commissions on all confirmed net sales (Taxes and Shipping not included).
  • Access to frequently updated banners and our exclusive promo codes.
  • Commissions are paid after $100 threshold has been reached. 

Privileged Affiliate Partners

The Living Seed Company offers an incentive program to a handful of the highest performing affiliate partners. Chosen affiliate partners are awarded access to the following possibilities:

  • Giveaways, contests and other forms of compensated collaborations
  • Access to exclusive promos, tailored promo-codes and access to pre-sales


What Do I Need to do?

Promote The Living Seed Company by:

  • Creating quality, engaging content that reflects The Living Seed Company 
  • Feature our ads, banners, links and content on your website and social media channels.

How Do I Apply?

Apply to the The Living Seed Company Affiliate Program