Organic Open-Pollinated Non-GMO Milkweed Seeds

Are you in search of the ideal milkweed seeds to support the conservation of the monarch butterfly in your garden? Look no further than The Living Seed Company's collection of premium milkweed seeds! Identify which are your native milkweeds.  Our seeds are thoughtfully chosen for ensuring a perfect habitat for the monarch butterfly and contributing to the preservation of this iconic species.

Delve into our diverse selection of milkweed seeds, carefully curated to provide essential sustenance for monarch butterflies at every stage of their life cycle. Whether you're an avid supporter of wildlife conservation or a gardening enthusiast, our milkweed seeds are a vital addition to any garden, aligning with our passion for the well-being of the monarch butterfly.

Join us in this conservation journey and play a role in fostering a thriving environment for the majestic monarch butterfly.

We only ship the appropriate milkweed that is native to your region.