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Individual seed packets and curated collections are available for wholesale. 

Our packets are designed with your customer in mind.  Each packet has all the information your customer will need for a successful harvest!

 For further information contact Astrid at 828-484-7283.

Example of Seed Packet

The Living Seed Company Packet Sample

Seed Packet Information

  • Detailed growing instructions
  • Beautifully photographed varieties 
  • Resealable envelop flap
  • Seed count, harvest info and growing tips
  • Latin name and genus
  • CCOF and USDA logos
  • Shares story of variety
  • UPC code and SKU
  • Not priced
  • Fun inspirational quotes 

Seed Racks

  • 40 Pocket- One panel. Can be wall mounted. Ideal for small stores.

  • 80 Pocket- Two panel rack that can be mounted or on a spinner. Rack has a small footprint and offer a wide variety without taking up space. 

  • 120 Pocket- Three panels on spinner or can be wall mounted. 


80 Pocket Spinner

80 Pocket Wall Mounted Rack


Repurposed Wine Box Seed Rack