Organic, Heirloom, Non-GMO Seeds
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Our Warranty | Limitation of Liability

The Living Seed Company offers seeds that are the highest in quality and 100% open-pollinated. We warrant that the seeds have been properly labeled and identified and meet viability standards as set by State and Federal law. We have based the prices of our seed collection(s) on this limitation warranty and liability.

We understand the sensitive state of seeds to temperature, light and moisture, for that reason, we store and ship our seeds in an secure and expedited manner to ensure the safe arrival of your purchase. We understand that the results of a yield are dependent on many variables including the handling, storage, soil, weather and cultivator.

As any responsible seed company does, The Living Seed Company limits the liability for a loss in harvest or any monetary loss that may have been associated with the purchase of seeds to the purchase cost of seeds.

By the acceptance of the seeds, the buyer accepts the limitations and disclaimers described herein.

The Living Seed Company is licensed by the state of California to sell seeds