"I love ordering from The Living Seed Company. Not only are they a fairly "local" (Northern CA coast) business, but they carry the coolest organic seeds. We just put in our Three Sisters garden with The Living Seed's Painted Hill corn, Painted Pony (dry) beans and Buttercup Winter squash. The germination rate has been excellent. Our large flower, herb and vegetable gardens and greenhouse are full of plants growing from their other seeds. Everything is flourishing. If you need to communicate with them, they are quick to respond. They are super friendly and helpful. Lots of praise for this company!!!! This is my first season with The Living Seed Company and I will definitely continue to order from them."

J. Polizzi  

Thank you guys!  I have been growing your seeds from the wonderful Northern Collection, and The Founder's Collection, here in northern New Mexico,  for the last few years.  We just love the varieties and vitality of your seeds! Many Happy Healthy growing seasons to you!                                               

A. Kaelin     Arroyo Seco, NM


Simply amazed - the order arrived two (yes, 2) days after placement!!  Thank you so much.
R. Scott     Everett, WA


Seeds that are easy to grow and a pleasure to sow!

K. Bell    San Francisco, CA

We live right on a salt water bay in South Florida and after years of failed attempts at growing vegetables in our back yard due to the salt water, rain and heavy sun.  We thought we’d give it one last shot with Living Seed Company seeds. To our surprise, not only did they grow, but everything from basil and green beans to kale and lemon cucumbers grew abundantly! I couldn’t recommend them enough!

S. Weiss Miami Beach, FL

The quality of these seeds is commensurate with the quality of the founders, Matthew and Astrid Hoffman. These seeds are loved and this company was founded as a way to propagate whole, organic, life-magic seeds. Bravo!!

B. Barber    Nicasio, CA

Started using your seeds last spring and I love them! In the past I have never been able to sprout seeds!  The Living Seed Company seeds sprouted with no help except soil water and sun! I had rows of corn and I couldn't wait to try them!
A. Moralez

I just wanted to let you know how much I love the your seed company.  I recently visited San Fransisco on a vacation. I happened to go to Healdsburg SHED and saw your seeds there! I purchased some and have loved the outcome I have been having. I've been looking and trying different seeds to grow our own food now for months now and couldn't find one that met or exceeded my expectations.  I love you guys.  Again, I can't tell you how cool and amazing this product is.
I can't thank you more.

L. Eirinberg     Highland Park, IL

I was absolutely shocked when my package of seeds arrived in the mail since I wasn't expecting it until after Christmas. Your company went over and above  for me to receive my package for Christmas.  I have never and I mean never seen such dedication to customers before. As a token of my appreciation I will place my full garden order with your company and make a donation to go towards your continued success thank you.                                                                                            

C. Hall     Cuba, IL


Extremely patient, knowledgeable, and friendly. Gave confidence to this inexperienced grower.  


I have been germinating seeds for many years and I am ecstatic with the vibrancy and reliability of The Living Seed Company's seeds!  Each and everyone of their seeds I set into the soil comes up with vitality, enthusiasm and hardiness.  In the past, I used to plant a bunch of seeds per cell, because more often than not, half of them would not sprout, not any more!

T. Pattinson    Forest Knolls, CA

Thank you for all you do. I am always excited to find seed companies like you.

B. Davis     Windermere, FL