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In the spirit of planting seeds of peace, joy, beauty and food for this world, husband and wife, Astrid and Matthew Hoffman created The Living Seed Company in the winter of 2011.  

They believe the power of people growing food together and saving their own seeds is one of the best ways to achieve both inner harmony and global prosperity.

The Living Seed Company, is an organic and heirloom family owned and operated seed company. 


 M I S S I O N  S T A T E M E N T

Dedicated to planting the seeds of World Peace. The Living Seed Company preserves the diversity in our food through the distribution and growing of open pollinated seeds and educating about the life affirming art of seed saving. 

The Living Seed Company has been breeding flavorful, nutritious and unique vegetables for over thriteen years.

Through their breeding projects, they are able to offer seeds that are inherently more adapted to our  changing climate while supporting seed diversity.

These seeds are widely adapted to many different growing conditions.
Most of their seed is certified organic, although many varieties they grow are not certified.  The methods used, are beyond organic requirements.
Many of the varieties available are heirloom, meaning they are treasures handed down over generations. They offer some of the most tried and true old varieties and a smattering of new, but amazing varieties.
All of our seed is open pollinated, non-GMO and neonicotinoid-free.
All of the seed we grow, is planted and harvested by hand. 
All of our seeds are harvested and packed by hand with love.

Our first year farming on our land in Weaverville, NC 2021
B I O 

Matthew was raised in the wilds of the great northern forest named Chequamegon, in Wisconsin.  He lived close to the land and enjoyed many days in the gardens of his grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles.  He also found great interest in the artistic world.  Formally trained as an artist, he uses his skills to bring people closer to the natural world and also towards a more peaceful existence on the planet. Matthew is most known for his work in the global peace movement with Dr. Jane Goodall DBE, UN Messenger of Peace.  The two teamed up to create the Giant Peace Dove puppet movement, which has touched hundreds of thousands of people in over 80 countries around the world. 

A native of Colombia and raised in Miami Beach, Astrid’s journey of living closer to the earth, began at the ripe age of thirteen. Realizing people’s disconnection with the natural world, she became active in educating and inspiring people to live more harmonious lives. After being formally trained as an interior designer at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, After having lived in Spain, Italy and New York City, Astrid moved to California to connect deeper with the land.   She incorporated her studies as a designer with her environmental sensibilities beginning her career as an ecological interior designer. She expanded her knowledge and acquired a Certificate in Green Building and Permaculture, as well as becoming LEED accredited.  In 2007 she began studying urban permaculture with Larry Santoyo and rural permaculture with Penny Livingston and Brock Dolman at The Regenertiave Design Institute.  During this time Astrid's interest in living off the land and growing food began to take root.  She planted her first garden at the Santa Monica Community Garden in 2008.  While tending her garden, she began to realize the yearning to deepen her connection with the earth.  In 2009 she moved to Solstice Grove, a community that models restorative practices in land stewardship, there she met Matthew.  Within less than a year, their visions had fused and in 2011, The Living Seed Company was born and they married in 2012. 

As a small, sustainable, family owned agricultural business, The Living Seed Company strives to provide and offer the highest quality seed and personalized customer service. 

Through the act of planting seeds and working with the earth, Astrid and Matthew trust this process will bring a greater understanding of our interconnectedness and a desire to share the bounty with our community.

Seeds are abundant and their nature is to provide, feed and inspire.  



    Founders Astrid & Matthew with the original Founders Collection that launched The Living Seed Company in 2011.

    In the first corn field of Painted Mountain Corn in Dixon, CA (c. 2011)


    Presenters at EcoFarm (c.2012)

     Seed to Table Dinner 2015

    Hosting one of our Seed to Table Dinners  (c.2015)


    Featured in the Point Reyes Light Family Album (c.2020)


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