Organic Green Wave Mustard Seeds - Brassica juncea

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Organic Non-GMO Open Pollinated Green Wave Mustard Seeds

This brassica is tried and true and continues to reap an abundance of greens! Deep green, spineless and fringed, the Green Wave is known to have a mild spicy flavor and is excellent in salads, stir-fry and simply steamed.

Slow to bolt, this mustard can be grown year round in mild climates. A hardy annual, this mustard will perform in your garden!

Mustard is an excellent source of calcium, vitamin A and riboflavins.  

  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Annual
  • Sun: Full-Partial 
  • Direct Sow: When soil is workable
  • Seed Count: 100
  • Days to Maturity: 40-45
  • Plant Size: 3"-6"

Growing Tips:

Maintains sweet flavor when weather is cool, a bitterness will emerge as temperatures start to heat up.

Remove flower-heads, as they emerge.

Each packet of seeds contains a generous amount of seeds, so you can plant in succession!

Harvesting Tips:

Best to harvest outer leaves and work inward.  Older leaves will have a more bitter taste, while younger leaves will have a tangy bright flavor.  

Preserving Tips:

The entire plant can be cut at the base and frozen or canned for longer term storage.