Organic, Heirloom, Non-GMO Seeds
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  •   Are your seeds GMO?

None of our seeds are genetically modified.  We believe gardeners should have the finest and purest seeds to grow some of the best and most nutritious food.  We do not believe in altering the genetics of our seeds with foreign genes.  We also believe gardeners should have the ability to save their own seeds, should they choose to.  We strongly encourage the growing awareness around the importance of the diversity in our food system and the biodiversity on our planet.

  •   What are heirloom seeds?
Heirloom traditionally means that the seed variety has been passed down from generation to generation (50 years is a common timeframe for a seed to be considered ‘heirloom’).  Heirloom represents that they are open-pollinated, not hybrid or genetically modified.  There are varieties which have been grown and selected for their desirable traits for thousands of years.

  •   What does open-pollinated mean?

It represents that open pollinated seeds will create similar offspring that resemble the original parents.  Open pollinated seeds produce offspring that are true-to-type.  Open-pollinated seeds adapt to your micro-climate, your soil and to you, hybrid seeds do not.  Open-pollinated seeds are not hybrids or genetically modified. 

  •   Are  your seeds hybrids?

No.  Our seeds are all open-pollinated so that every gardener can save seeds from their garden!

  •   What are hybrids?
Hybrid seeds originate from two different parent plants, of the same specie, that were genetically crossed to create the hybrid offspring.  Seeds of hybrid varieties can be sterile or commonly fail to breed true to type, it usually results in plant varieties that you do not know what you are going to get.

  •   Are your seeds organic?
Most of our seeds are certified organic by CCOF and USDA.  It is important to conserve the genetic diversity of many endangered varieties that are not available organically available on a commercial basis.  We work with small farmers who use organic practices.

  •  Where do you source your seeds?
We grow 20% - 30% of our own seed in Point Reyes Station, CA.  The rest we source from other seed farmers, primarily in California and Oregon.   All of our seed was grown in the United States.