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Tiger Eyes French Marigold - Tagetes patula

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A native of South American and known as the Herb of the Sun, marigolds represent creativity and passion. In Welsh folklore, if marigolds did not open in the morning, it was believed a storm was underway. They have been used a love charms while in some traditions, commonly used in wedding garlands. The water made by the marigolds was believed to give one psychic visions of fairies if rubbed on the eyelids.
Marigolds are the flowers choice in Mexico when celebrating Dia de los Muertos - Day of the Dead, symbolizing death, these ornate flowers are placed on the alters and graves of deceased loved ones.

When planting this beautiful annual, start by preparing a planting area, free of weeds. This plant does not require a specific type of soil .
They will reach heights of 25” - 30” and will bloom from summer through fall. If sowing by hand, seed can be raked or mulched over, best to not plant deeper than 1/8”. Keep soil moist for proper germination.

Attracts pollinators
Excellent for cut flowers

Seed Count : 50