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Organic Pink Beauty Radish - Raphamus sativus

  • $ 3.00

The firm white flesh is encased in a delightful bright pink skin. Crisp, sweet, mild and juicy these radishes will be one of the first things of the year to please your taste buds and your eyes! Adaptable, hardy and keep well in the field. Enjoy them as a snack in the garden, on the table or add to a salad or veggie tray. The greens can also be used to spice up a salad. Both roots and leaves are also great in a stir fry as well as sauteed. If the plants past optimal root eating age, you can let them flower and enjoy the young mildly spicy seed pods as snack, salad addition or thrown into a stir fry. The delicate
flowers are quite beautiful and attract many pollinators.


Seed Count : 100 Seeds