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Organic Sweetmeat Winter Squash - Cucurbita maxima

  • $ 4.00

This squash is considered one of the treasures of the Pacific North West. This rare culinary variety has yet to catch on through out the rest of North America. Sweetmeat is recognized for its blue gray 12 - 20 lb. body, with brilliant yellow-orange interior. The versatile nutty super sweet meat of this winter squash is commonly used for baking, mashing, casseroles, stir-fries and makes incredible “pumpkin” pies! The dry sweet flavor of this squash is enhanced while in storage and will stay fresh for up to six months! Young sweet meat can replace summer squash in cooked recipes. The origins of the winter squash began in Central America, traveling from one country to the next. Making its way to North America, it became a staple of the North American Indians as well as evolving in Europe, where it also became a vital winter food stock.

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