Heavenly Blue Morning Glory - Ipomoea purpurea

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory - Ipomoea purpurea

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Morning glory flowers bestow their beauty and die back within one day.  The Victorian significance of morning glory flowers are love, affection or mortality.  In folklore in China, they represent lovers being able to meet for one day.  They also represent the month of September and an 11th year wedding anniversary.
This beautiful annual vine will grow about 8’ - 10’ and offer gorgeous celestial blue blooms. Choose a sunny location and plant 1 -2 weeks before last frost; plant 1/2” deep, if direct seeding in to the soil.  Seeds can also be started indoors 6 - 8 weeks earlier in pots.

Before planting, soak seeds in warm water for 8 hours. Plant in a location where vines can spread or be trellised.      Seeds will germinate in 5 - 10 days, and need to be spaced 6” apart.  After planting, cover with soil and moisten.    Plants can tolerate a wide range of soil conditions and are drought resistant.  Plants do not need to be fertilized, fed or over watered.  If snails and slugs persist, bait them.  An excellent way is by placing beer in shallow plastic tubs buried in the soil with the lip of the tub flush to the soil.


Seed Count: 50