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Sebastopol Tomato Seeds - Lycopersicum lycopersicum

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Open-Pollinated, Non-GMO Sebastopol Tomato Seeds

Originated from an elderly woman from Sebastopol, CA, who grew these for 70 years.

Big indeterminate, regular leaf, vigorous tomato plants that produce large 3/4" red cherry tomatoes.  They are sweet tasting, with a spark of tart flavors. Delicious!

The Sebastopol is suited for cooler coastal regions, short season gardens and areas with foggy summer climates.  

Our Sebastopol Tomatoes are juicy, meaty, and bursting with flavor. The plants that grow from our Sebastopol Tomato seeds are strong and sturdy, producing abundant fruit throughout a long season. This rare tomato seed is known to be disease-resistant, making them an ideal choice for organic gardeners.

At The Living Seed Company, we take great pride in our commitment to preserving the genetic diversity of our heirloom seeds. Our Sebastopol Tomato seeds are no exception, and we are dedicated to ensuring that this treasured variety continues to thrive for future generations to come.

Order your Sebastopol Tomato seeds today and experience the joy of growing your own delicious, heirloom tomatoes in your garden or greenhouse. With their exceptional flavor and easy-to-grow nature, these tomatoes are sure to become a staple in your kitchen and garden for years to come.

  • Non-GMO
  • Annual
  • Sun: Full
  • Indoors: 6-8 weeks before last frost
  • Direct Sow: No 
  • Seed Count: 25
  • Days to Maturity: 64-70
  • Plant Size: 4'-8' vine

Growing Tips:

Indeterminate. Bone meal is an ideal fertilizer.  Mulch at base of plant. Use trellis or cage for support. 

Seeds should be planted indoors and kept in a dome with a heated mat for 6-8 weeks. 

It is key that your new starts be hardened off.  This is a process that requires taking them outside during the day, for a period of time, before they are planted. This acclimates your seedlings to the outside world, meaning the elements like the wind and sun. We do it for several weeks to a month as this strengthens their stems and overall plant structure. 

  • Start for a short period of time initially, then graduate to more time each day
  • One week minimum is recommended
  • Bring them inside in the early evening and overnight
  • Keep an eye on them and constantly water them. Make sure they have not blown over.