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Organic Double Standard Corn Seeds - Zea mays

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Organic Double Standard Corn Non-GMO Open-Pollinated Seeds

This bi-colored sweet corn, hearkens back to a delicious yellow corn from the early 1900’s called Burnell and an early white kerneled heirloom from the Saint Lawrence Valley in New York state .  Known for its vigor.

  • Organic 
  • Non-GMO
  • Plant size: 5’ -  6’
  • Light: Full
  • Direct sow: 6-8 weeks after frost 
  • Seed Count: 75
  • Plant: Minimum 6’ block for proper pollination.  Thin plants to 8”
  • Water: Even hydration; keep soil moist while seeds are germinating
  • Harvest: 75-90 days

Growing Tips: 

Plant in a minimum 6' x 6' block for proper pollination and well-filled ears. Plant in succession, for corn throughout the summer. Frost sensitive. 

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Seed Instruction Packet:

Organic Double Standard Corn - Zea mays