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Point Reyes Mix Sweet Pea - Lathyrus odoratus

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A native to Europe, these sweet flowers reached their peak in popularity in the late 1880’s. In Edwardian England they were often considered the floral emblem. In the language of flowers, sweet peas represent blissful pleasure, good-bye and thank you for a lovely time. Commonly associated with the month of April.

Blooming into colors such as rose, salmon, purple, white, lavender and pink. In mild climates the ideal season to plant sweet peas is in the fall, this allows for a strong root system to develop. If planting in the spring, seeds should be planted as early as possible in the season. In areas with harsh winters, wait to sow one month before last frost.

Mulch if spring tends to be hot and humid.

This mix was grown by husband and wife team Jim and Peggy of Point Reyes Flowers.  Offering stunningly large and beautiful blossoms in lilac, red, pink, blue and white.

Blooms over a long period with exceptional fragrance.

Trellis plant for support. This mix is perfect for having flowers in the garden as well as long lasting cut flowers and bouquets. Flowers grow up to 72”. Direct sow into the ground 1/8” deep.
Keep soil moist for during germination.

No part of this seed or plant is intended to be ingested - it contains a neurotoxin.

Attracts pollinators
Excellent for cut flowers


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