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Wildflower Seeds for Pollinators

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The ideal seasons to plant wildflowers are fall and spring. If planting in the fall, seeds do not need to be irrigated and should be planted closer to winter. This will prevent seeds from germinating and instead stay dormant until the soil warms up and spring has arrived.

When planting wildflowers in the spring, best to place seeds in the freezer for a couple of days and allow them to thaw for a day - this will significantly improve the germination rate. They will need to be irrigated until they bloom, in they first year, but will naturalize to grow with the winter rains in future years.

Wildflowers thrive in locations with ample sun, low nitrogen and low soil fertility, as well as, short grass for soil stability. Keep wildflower areas free of weeds; use more seed for eroded and weedy areas.

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