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Common Milkweed - Asclepias syriaca

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Common Milkweed is a gorgeous native flower that is the sole source of food for the Monarch butteries. The butterflies lay their eggs exclusively on Milkweed plants, creating an opportunity for us to plant Monarch habitat!

We suggest the Narrowlead Milkweed, if you are in California. 

These wildflowers are easy to grow and propagate. Known for their beautiful colors ranging in white to pink and deep purple, the Milkweed brings joy and life to every garden! Exuding a delicious vanilla scent, the milkweed also attracts other pollinators while bloom from June - August.

It is very important to plant locally native milkweed species.  Please learn which milkweeds are native to your region and consult this milkweed range maps from the Biota of North America Program’s (BONAP) North American Plant Atlas.

Support the Monarch population by planting your Milkweed seeds today!

Attracts pollinators

Seed Count : 50

Map of states that we recommend planting Common Milkweed.