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Organic Grey Stripped Mammoth Sunflower - Helianthus annuus

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This annual plant, native to the Americas, is one of the largest among the sunflower family. Growing from 8’–12’ in height and boasting flower heads that can have a diameter over 2’!

These gorgeous flowers are recognized for providing bright accents in a garden while also offering a generous amount of delicious large seeds.

The sunflower seeds can be eaten raw, in a sauce, tossed in a salad, roasted or even made into butter or oil. Naturally, they attract wildlife and provide food for birds in the fall. Bees love sunflowers and will pollinate them to provide a bumper crop of seeds.

The height of this flower makes it ideal as a privacy screen or a tall hedge. The young shoots of the flowers are even edible as sprouts or as a garnish. Unopened buds may be steamed like artichokes. These sunflowers are ideal for pressing your own oil, as the seeds have high oil content.

To harvest the seeds, wait for flower backs to turn yellow, cut the flower and let it dry upside down. The mammoth sunflower is drought tolerant, is long blooming and has a fast growth rate - up to 6” in a week!

Attracts pollinators
Excellent for cut flowers


Seed Count : 50

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