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Organic Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean - Phaseolus vulgaris

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This heirloom pole bean originates back to 1864, when it was first introduced as the Texas Pole and later rename Old Homestead. Later in 1877, it was to be renamed the Kentucky Wonder Pole. This bean has been recognized for its distinctive flavor, grander in size, silvery green fleshy pods with its bold meaty flavor. This white bean variety is vigorous and known for its crisp, tender nature and being free of having fibers. Excellent served fresh or shelled; preserves well and its perfect in drying, as well. Best while picked early in the harvest.

The Kentucky Wonder grows strong, even in hot climates. Ideally on trellises, poles and fences. Featuring heavy crops with a length of 9”, this vine will reach about five to seven feet maturing in about 58 – 72 days. Best when harvested in its earlier stages and pick often to a continual harvest.


Seed Count : 40

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