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Buckwheat - Fagopyrum esculentum

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This beautiful fast growing cover crop is perfect for growing in the warm season.  It is ideal for building biomass, smoldering weeds, attracting pollinators, loosening clay soil, increases phosphorous and holds fertility for the next crop.  

  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Annual 
  • Sun: Full
  • Direct Sow: Early Spring (up to 45 days before last frost date)
  • Seed Count: 1000
  • Sows: 50 square feet 
  • Weeks to Maturity: 2 - 3 
  • Plant Size: 2' - 4'
  • Attracts : Bees & beneficial insects

Growing Tips:

Remove weeds and wait one week to plant.  Do not plant in cold/wet soil, seed will rot.  Seed should be barely covered but not exposed.  Can be broadcasted but fill in any gaps. 

Can be mowed as a green manure.  Frost sensitive.  Can easily self seed if planted early in the season. 

Buckwheat Cover Cropping in Organic Farming.

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