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Giving Seed Program

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Thank you for your interest in our Giving Seed program. This program is intended for non-profit organizations, school garden programs, inner city youth programs, community gardens, seed libraries, food banks, correctional facilities and veteran programs. 

Please fill out this form, to let us know what kind of seed you are requesting.

Without this form, we cannot process seed donations.

Due to the increased cost of shipping, we are now asking for those requesting donations to pay for the shipping.  We do not ship internationally, due to the increased security on shipping plant matter overseas.

Please choose the method in which you would like the seeds shipped, via 1st class or Priority Mail.

* We do not accept donation requests over the phone or via mail.*

Happy Planting! 

*Due to the high volume of donation requests, we are unable to respond to all email/correspondence or donation requests. Thank for your understanding.