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Giving Seed Program

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Thank you for your interest in our Giving Seed program. This program is intended for non-profit organizations, school garden programs, inner city youth programs, community gardens, seed libraries, food banks, correctional facilities, veteran programs and the like. 

We have maxed our seed donations for 2024.  Please check back next year.

In your order, please :

 1.  Describe the type of seeds you are requesting

 2.  Include name of your Organization 

 3. Quantity of desired packets 

 4.  Tax ID Number 

Without this information, we cannot process seed donations.

Due to the increased cost of shipping, we are now asking for those requesting donations to help offset the cost of shipping.  We do not ship internationally, due to the increased security on shipping plant matter overseas.

Turnaround time depends on our availability and we appreciate your patience. 

* We do not accept donation requests over the phone or via mail.*

*Due to the high volume of donation requests, we are unable to respond to all email/correspondence or donation requests. Thank for your understanding. 

The Living Seed Company believes everyone should have access to vital, pure, open-pollinated seed varieties.  Through The Giving Seed Program, seed donations have been sent to Haiti, India, Africa, Europe, Central America, South America, Myanmar and throughout the United States.

Over the past twelve years, The Giving Seed Program has given away over 13,000 packets of organic heirloom seeds to school garden programs, inner city youth programs, community gardens, seed libraries, food banks, correctional facilities, veteran programs and others.

The Giving Seed Program began with a vision to give back to our local, national and global communities.  

We kicked it off with donating a collection for every ten collections sold.  Today, aside from giving away collections, we are also giving away individual packets suited to particular growing regions and community needs.

* We only send one donation per organization, please do not request multiple times.


Please note that all donations, enter a queue and are sent accordingly.  We receive a large amount of requests and if donations are not received the same year, they will be prioritized the following year.   

A Partial List of Our Recipients:

    ▪    Growing Food Forward
    ▪    Alder Avenue Middle School
    ▪    Greater Newark Conservancy
    ▪    Eco Dads
    ▪    Auburn Public Library
    ▪    Metro Atlanta Urban Farm
    ▪    Gilroy Demonstration Garden
    ▪    Venetia Valley Teaching Garden
    ▪    Pathways to Resilience San Quentin
    ▪    Bioneers Seed Exchange
    ▪    Marin Organic Seed Exchange
    ▪    Global Student Embassy
    ▪    Taos Seed Exchange
    ▪    Amazon Watch
    ▪    Victor Free Library
    ▪    Suwannee Regional Library
    ▪    The Seed Trust
    ▪    Grow Your Lunch
    ▪    Regional Environmental Council Youth Grow
    ▪    In Spirit
    ▪    North Dakota Seed Library
    ▪    Social Advocates for Youth
    ▪    Fremont Main Seed Library
    ▪    The Regional Environmental Council
    ▪    Burleigh County Seed LIbrary
    ▪    Humboldt Permaculture Guild
    ▪    Pathways to Resilience San Quentin
    ▪    The Dance Palace
    ▪    Englewood Veteran's Garden
    ▪    Civic Garden Center
    ▪    Upland Public Library
    ▪    Henry County Public Library
    ▪    The Seed Hoard
    ▪    Herbalist Without Borders
    ▪    Yorba Linda Public LibrarySanta Fe Community Farm
    ▪    The Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development
    ▪    Asociacion Maya de Desarrollo
    ▪    Denver Urban Gardens
    ▪    Petaluma Health Center
    ▪    Roger's Community Garden
    ▪    Home School Project
    ▪    Hunters Point Family Girls Program
    ▪    Nicasio School Silent Auction
    ▪    Somers Seed Lending Library
    ▪    The 4-H Education Center at Aurefarm
    ▪    La Mesa Verde
    ▪    Marin Edible Garden
    ▪    Bush Garden of Hope
    ▪    Reach Out Church
    ▪    Food Bank of Santa Barbara
    ▪    Emerald City
    ▪    Tenderloin People's Garden
    ▪    Community members in the Caprivi Strip
    ▪    Farmer Veteran Coalition
    ▪    Alfred Community Garden                                                                                
    ▪    AgriCorps
    ▪    The New Hampshire Institute of Ag and Forestry
    ▪    Opportunities Over the Rhine
    ▪    City of Yorba Linda Public Library Seed Library
    ▪    Capital District Community Gardens
    ▪    Beatrice Public Library
    ▪    Grow Yourself Healthy Program
    ▪    Roger's Community Garden
    ▪    Comida del Bosque
    ▪    N. Western Joint Regional Correctional Facility
    ▪    Huichol People
    ▪    Mill Valley Public Library
    ▪    The Neighborhood Farm Initiative
    ▪    Walworth Memorial Library
    ▪    Idaho Plant a Row
    ▪    Church Living Stone Baptist
    ▪    Seed Library of Los Angeles