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Organic Red Rubin Purple Basil - Ocimum basilicum

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Purple basil exudes beautiful deep purple glossy leaves, offering Italian, Thai and Mediterranean dishes a sweet color accent.  Wonderful when combined in vinegar.

A gorgeous herb has a similar taste profile to its green counterpart.  Can be used in any recipe calling for basil and as a stunning garnish.  This traditional classic Italian annual is authentic in appearance, offering a prized a spicy flavor. The purple basil reaches modest heights of 8 – 10” but can also be used ornamentally and in arrangements.

This fragrant plant offers a delicious aroma and is choice for a wide range of dishes. Excellent for pesto, marinara, in soups, stews, and even tea. Enjoy this herb raw or lightly cooked.

This annual is easy to grow and is known for its vigor.  The glossy basil, grows uniformly, with stunning lilac flowers that attracts bees. 

Basil is frost sensitive.


Seed Count : 150