Seed to Table Dinner

Seed to Table Dinners have been happening at Astrid and Matthew Hoffman’s home for several years, only, they weren’t called Seed to Table. They were simply dinner parties, where Matthew would cook what was coming out of the garden and farm. Over the course of several years, they were often encouraged to open a restaurant, bottle the special sauces or somehow offer this to the public. With a young growing seed company, Astrid and Matthew are not ready to open a restaurant, but hosting dinners, seemed like the perfect medium.

Matthew, a trained fine artist, and co-founder at The Living Seed Company uses cooking as his expression. Being a seed farmer and breeder, he is able to cultivate varieties for their culinary characteristics, which takes his cooking skills to a new edge. He sees cooking as “one of the highest forms of art.” 

Astrid and Matthew hosted seven Seed to Table dinners in 2014 on a bi-monthly basis in Point Reyes. What has emerged has become an intimate experience for guests to meet neighbors, run into friends or make new ones.

Guests are educated throughout the 5 course meal about its origins (both seed and produce).

The Living Seed Company has been breeding vegetables over six years and adapting them to the particular climate of West Marin and the Pacific Coast, offering seeds that are inherently more adapted to this region while supporting seed diversity.

Currently, The Living Seed Company’s production field is located on Black Mountain Ranch. Their test gardens are located in Nicasio on Black Mountain and in their home in Point Reyes Station.

The Seed to Table Dinner is created out of freshly harvested wonders from The Living Seed Company's farms, wildcrafted foods and local West Marin producers.

Join Astrid and Matthew for their next dinner, happening on January 21st, 2017.

Dinner includes:

5 Courses and wine/beer and non-alcoholic elixirs.

Dietary requests gladly honored.

For more information:

P: 415.663.8002